Spengler screws
 Screw for fastening of copper- and zinc flashings to wood 




Screw with washer and bonded EPDM 
Screw with washer and seperate EPDM





Spengler screws are produced in stainless steel quality A2, which makes the screw suitable for use in corrosive environments. Spengler screws can be used in both outdoors and indoors.

For outdoors, it is used for roof coverings, chimney coverings and many other applications. 
For indoors, it is used in kitchens, wet rooms, cold rooms and similar areas.
The good corrosion resistance of the screw makes it optimal for use in areas where there is high presence of moisture/water. 

The spengler screw is available with a stainless steel washer and a vulcanized EPDM washer for increased sealing abilities.
The countersunk head fits with the center of the washer and gives it a unique seal, as well as a visually perfect finish after installation.


The washers are available in two different variations:


  •     2D - 2 parts where the stainless washer and EPDM washer are bonded
  •     3D - 3 parts where the stainless washer and EPDM washer are seperated



Product range:



Item nr.

 Item name






BSS RX 4.5 X 45 TX20 2D-15G 


A2 Ø15




10871* BSS RX 4.5 X 55 TX20 2D-15G  55
10878 BSS RX 4.5 X 60 TX20 2D-15G 60


BSS RX 4.5 X 65 TX20 2D-15G 65


BSS RX 4.5 X 100 TX20 2D-15G 100
10889 BSS RX 4.5 X 120 TX20 2D-15G 120
10860 BSS RX 4.5 X 25 TX20 2D-20G A2 Ø20 25
10864 BSS RX 4.5 X 35 TX20 2D-20G 35
10868 BSS RX 4.5 X 45 TX20 2D-20G 45
10872 BSS RX 4.5 X 55 TX20 2D-20G 55